Plant Sale April 23, 10-4

Westwind is hosting its spring plant sale on Saturday, April 23 — we are open 10am-4pm. 13000 NW OLD Germantown Rd, Portland. (503)307-0800.

We will have lots of great plants from Blooming Nursery as well as our own unique stock of deer-proof, bird and bee-loving plants. You can also check out our greenhouse, which has load of crazy blooms and a terrific scent of blooming citrus trees.

IMG_9149 (1)

IMG_9154 (1)

IMG_9169 (1)

IMG_9138 (1)

Leap Year February 2016

Lots of stuff is blooming now at Westwind! Last year, we planted more daffodils and different types of bulbs like squill and allium, muscari and snow drops. Our daffodil tete a tete blooms earliest and the squills are rising. Hellebores have been blooming since late January, and the maple flowers started in mid-February.

sunlit bergenia and tete daffodils

front door daffodils forsythia cut back viburnum

edgeworthia and corylopsis

The greenhouse looks great but is ready to get cut back a little. We are eating and salting the last of the lemons.

totem and aeonium

fuchsia and ferns


bird of paradise and aeonium

the barred owl incident

I saw an owl on the side of our road, as you see too. i wondered if his wing was broken, but after watching this video, at 1:00, i think now that he was sitting on prey. waiting for me to leave. he was gone when i returned to check on him 10 minutes later. did he eat my ducks?