Hello lavender lovers! We look forward to seeing you at the lavender festival, July 11 and 12. For details and directions, go here.

We will have garden tours during the odd hours — of course! 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Our garden is not to be missed, we have been published in Oregon Home, Portland Monthly, and Garden Design Magazine. Not to mention the views! Territorial views of the coast range while you pick your own huge lavender bouquet. What could be better?

Kirin Kapin will regale us with lots of music from 11-3 each day. He will play lots of songs you know, plus an occasional yoga drone to relax and enthrall. When he plays yoga music, it’s like the earth is singing along.

Our pure, farm distilled lavender oil is not to be missed. We will have the spectacular hidcote pink mellowest oil possible and our unique Westwind blend. Spray some of our hydrosol lavender water onto your body, clothing, laundry, and dog bed to make everything smell better and provide relaxation to all.

Our lavender lemonade will keep you cool and by popular demand, we will sell our lavender syrup, used in the production of the lemonade. It’s great with ice cream!

See you next week under the big white tent!

Quail Babies at Westwind

Last year, I killed 20 eggs with high temperatures in the incubation just after one quail was born. That quail became Clarissa, a very sweet animal. Figuring that lightning doesn’t strike twice, I got another batch of quail eggs this spring, determined to pay better attention to their incubation temperatures. Starting on Mother’s Day, we hatched a total of 5 out of 20 this time, still quite a small hatch rate. Here’s a photo of the first one out of the egg. fresh quail baby

Here are 3 at 2 days old. 1 day old quail

Although we started out with intentions to hold them a lot and recreate the magic of having a quail as a pet, they arrived just before we hosted an astrology workshop, so our focus was on other things. They became more wild. They started to hop out of their enclosure when they were alarmed, and the next week was spent chasing quail with the children. Tom and Elena became adept at cornering a quail and getting him back into the enclosure. However, as feathers filled in, the task became never-ending! I decided to open the door to allow the quail to get themselves back into their home.

They have been wandering around as a quail pack in the house for about 2 weeks. Here are some videos of their meanderings.

Today, we open the door to allow them to wander out into the world. Bugs and dirt rolling await and they may not return to come back into the house. I will let you know what happens!

Yucca blue boy — what do you think?

Yucca Blue Boy

What do you think of when you hear “blue boy” ??? Surely not prickly yucca plants! I think of that Cyndi Lauper song, She Bop. If you are cultured, you might think of the Thomas Gainsborough painting, “Blue Boy.”

blue boy mag

This yucca blue boy, however, will not bloom like we might expect these other boys to. If you do get it to bloom, take a picture and put it on google, will you?

yucca blue boy?

yucca blue boy?