the barred owl incident

I saw an owl on the side of our road, as you see too. i wondered if his wing was broken, but after watching this video, at 1:00, i think now that he was sitting on prey. waiting for me to leave. he was gone when i returned to check on him 10 minutes later. did he eat my ducks?

How to grow cannabis lecture

I. First off, let’s talk about what is legal in the state of Oregon
a. 4 plants per household
b. 1 oz of cannabis on your person
c. 8 oz of cannabis at home

II. Should I grow by seed or clone?
Growing Method
How can I get it?
Mail order or online
What’s the difference?
With seed, you will get males, which do not flower (none of the good stuff).
If you are thinking of juicing for health benefits, this is ok!

Will be sold at dispensaries, starting October 1
Ideally, you will get a proven plant from the variety of your choice. You can look up varieties on or

III. How do you grow a cannabis plant?
a. Basically, it’s all about light and the state you are trying to achieve.
i. VEG state: 18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness. This state is the growing phase of a plant’s life. Typically, many indoor growers who use clones utilize this light for 4 weeks once clone becomes a rooted plant. BUT! With more time, the plant will be stronger with thicker stalks and a bigger root system, which are the nutrient delivery vehicles for your flowers! As long as you maintain 18-6 on the light, you will continue to stay in VEG state.

When growing outdoors, you are pretty much subject to mother nature. But you will want to plan your seed or clone planting for April to maximize the use of the solstice light.

ii. FLOWER state: 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness. This state is the flowering and budding state of the plant. It will take 2 weeks from the start of this light regimen to see flower buds begin. The plant size will double, so make room!

IV. Why you should plant your cannabis in a pot?
a. You can control the quality of the soil. Good soils: Vermifire, Roots Organic, Fox Farm’s ocean forest (although some reports are that it burns plants). Or, be sure to include lots of minerals – look on the Internet for ideas about best cannabis soils. Include in your soils some of the following: steamed bone meal, organic worm castings, bloom bat guano, blood meal, rock phosphate, Epson salts, sweet lime or dolomite, azomite to provide the plant with trace elements and humic acid.
b. You can move a pot. As plants get larger, you need to give them lots of additional space so they don’t get moldy. You can also move them out of the rain.
c. You can fertilize appropriately and know the fertilizer is getting to the plant.
d. You can control watering.
e. You can keep a “mother plant.” A mother is one that stays in 18-6 lighting conditions to prevent flowering and allow for future cloning.
f. If planting outside, you can put protection from the rain around a plant until you are ready to harvest.

V. Why trim my plant?
a. You can use what you trim in juicing.
b. You can maintain the best shape to support the most flowers whether indoors or outdoors.
c. Trim into a Christmas tree shape outdoors
d. Trim up from the bottom indoors.

VI. When should I harvest my plant?
a. Flowers look like popcorn when they are just starting to but, but there are several stages of budding.
b. Trichomes are the resin glands that start to show up on the flowers. They look a little like mushrooms under magnification. When they are clear, you can harvest for juicing. To get the most THC, wait until they turn amber to harvest. Use a loup to determine ripeness.

trichomes -- not ripe


VII. How does harvesting work?
a. Important factor is to dry your harvest without losing any flavor or appearance.
b. Throw away or juice the big fan leaves.
c. Spread out or hang for air circulation
d. Place in a dark, cool location with 50% humidity for 5-7 days until twigs snap when bent.
e. Cure for several weeks in a jar. Burp the jar daily to maintain flavor and smokability (reduces harshness)

VIII. Resources
a. Ed Rosenthal, Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation
b. Jorge Cervantes, The Cannabis Encyclopedia: the definitive guide to cultivation & consumption of medical marijuana
c. Dru West, he Secrets of the West Coast Masters 2nd Edition
d. (forums and articles)
e. Portland Hydroponics 11564 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR 97223 (503) 746-4303

Lavender, wine, garden tours and a cannabis lecture

Our festival gives you a lot to do while you are at Westwind! Peruse our many farm-made products, including pure distilled lavender oil for healing and lavender hydrosol that will give your clothes and linens that lovely lavender scent. Other products include organic lip scrub, sea salt body scrub, organic lavender syrup, and organically grown culinary lavender. We pride ourselves on using the best and cleanest ingredients possible.

All day Saturday, enjoy free wine tasting with organic vineyard Willamette Valley Vineyards. Music with Kirin Kapin 11-3 will keep you tapping your toes. Garden tours with renowned grass horticulturist, John Greenlee at 11, 1, and 3.

Perhaps the most exciting offering will be our (Sunday morning, 10 am) free lecture with cannabis growing expert, Dean Rodgers. Dean will talk about growing indoors and outdoors and send you with all the info you need to grow your legal limit in Oregon. He will discuss planting seed versus clones, optimal growing information, when to harvest for juice, for smoke and how to maintain the best quality for storage. Don’t miss it! Sunday, July 12, 10am

difference between female and male cannabis plants

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