What’s happening in the lavender fields?

Here’s a look at the current status of our lavender fields. It looks like we will have plenty ready early to make oils and lots of beautiful lavender left to pick fresh at the lavender festival, July 9 and 10, right here at Westwind! Our field garden will bloom early with the moonshine achillea, but we should get some nice dried stems out of it for bouquets. We are already attracting bees to our clover and irises, and it looks like the elk have been kind to the lavender and are focused on the grasses in our lower pastures.

closeup in may tidy row of lavender closeup of later blooming variety
field garden field garden with oak trees bee on clover
bee on iris elk visitors to the fields


What’s blooming at Westwind?


giant peony

peonies coral peony
single peony scrambled eggs peony single peony


Plant Sale April 23, 10-4

Westwind is hosting its spring plant sale on Saturday, April 23 — we are open 10am-4pm. 13000 NW OLD Germantown Rd, Portland. (503)307-0800.

We will have lots of great plants from Blooming Nursery as well as our own unique stock of deer-proof, bird and bee-loving plants. You can also check out our greenhouse, which has load of crazy blooms and a terrific scent of blooming citrus trees.

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