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On the Lavender Paint out

If you are a plein air painter, our lavender fields are looking really ready for your eyes. Here is some advice from Don Bishop, who has been spending time painting here:

And just so you know, the address and mailbox is for the house. The lavender is on up the road, you will see it on the right. Go past the lavender about a hundred yards and you will see a gravel road with a gate. Open the gate and drive in, it will take you to the lavender fields. They have a nice big tent canopy set now you can paint under if you like!

Don Bishop at work

Check out his work and our pictures on Facebook. Lots of information about the lavender festival July 9 and 10 on that page too!

See you in the fields!

Kay Elmore paints under the big tent

What You’ll find at Westwind Farm Studio’s Festival, July 9-10

photo at westwind by meri kemp

July 9 and 10 (saturday and sunday)
Westwind Farm Studio

13000 NW Old Germantown Rd
Portland, OR
(under the big tent!)

Hello lavender lovers! We are excited to spend time with you at our lovely farm with the great view. Be rough and ready in your sneakers and hats to cut lavender and walk on trails. Under the tent, we will have music by Kirin Kapin (12-4), and en plein air painting experiences and works by Gretha Lindwood (love her background painting of our farm!!!).

We also have lavender products made from the purest natural ingredients with no chemicals, organic whenever possible. Lavender lip balm, lavender oil, lavender spray, lavender wreaths, yummy lavender flavors, sachets, bunches, u-pick, WHEW!

See you SOON!

Photos by Meri Kemp of Thread and Whisk.

Leave your dog at home, please. And, we don’t have much shade!
photo at westwind by meri kemp

Christopher Rauschenberg shoots our place.

Christopher Rauschenberg, a lovely man who shows his amazing photos at the Elizabeth Leach gallery this month, visited recently. He and his sweet wife, Janet, agreed to help us place a piece he donated to the PNCA auction last month. The piece is untitled and was created by his father, Robert Rauschenberg.

Christopher and his camera are pretty much inseparable, so he took several pictures at the house. His favorite venue is a child’s bedroom, because they have such interesting stuff and non sequitors for arrangements. He took some sweet shots in their rooms as well as two amazing photos at sunset where the trees were turned orange by the light. I have never been able to capture that light, so was really impressed! Christopher is allowing me to publish these photos.